ComputeZero tailor information technology services to suit your specific requirements. Your business needs to concentrate on its core functions. ComputeZero understand that technology is different for every business and will professionally consult with you to address problems and identify the right solutions for your business.

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ComputeZero can help you with any hardware related issue. We will work with you to understand the problem and develop a concise plan to fix the issue in a professional, friendly and convenient way. ComputeZero will be easy to speak to, will dial in and turn up when they say they will and find a solution to your problem with the minimum fuss.


You’ve been itching to buy the new Microsoft Surface Pro for a while and you’ve ordered one for everyone in your team. However, when the devices arrive you’ve mistakenly ordered them with Windows 7 and not Windows 10 and don’t feel confident fixing the problems with drivers, reloading the right applications and getting it to work in the way you want it to.


The noise and heat that’s generated from the growing number of tower servers in the utility cupboard is a real problem. You know virtualization will solve this problem but you’d like someone to show you best practice and help you achieve your goals without causing a huge amount of disruption to your users. ComputeZero can assist you with any server requirement you may have.


Perhaps you’ve spent a fortune on specialist printers that will ensure your design team deliver the marketing material you’ve been working on for the last twelve months. You want to restrict access to these printers to on those who need it. You’ve tried to make this work but it’s a complex problem to solve.