Who We Are

Information technology is vital in today’s world but finding time to keep up with the latest trends is time consuming and demanding. ComputeZero possess industry leading certifications, supply innovative technology solutions and deliver service level agreements that are tailored to the customer needs for proactive and swift problem response. Ultimately ComputeZero are laser focused on customer experience; helping you control costs and reduce the risk when it comes to technology.

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Information technology support isn’t a new invention and ComputeZero aren’t trying to reinvent the wheel. However, everyone at ComputeZero has been in a situation when internet connectivity is lost, their laptops have slowed down to a crawl or the server with your important report isn’t accessible. These unusual occurrences are not the end of the world but they do bring business operations to a halt.

ComputeZero work with innovative, cost effective solutions that place the control of technology back in the customers hands. If you’re concerned that your employees are on social media sites rather than making the sales calls that will help your business progress or they’re downloading torrent files that could damage your corporate data and the expensive laptop you’ve provided them with or your corporate wireless network is severely slowed down by the sheer number of personal mobile devices that are connecting to it then ComputeZero can help.