Reliable Email? 7 Reasons you should switch to Office 365!

April 17, 2017

Microsoft has made radical changes to its enterprise products, allowing small to medium sized business to use enterprise class products at a fraction of the cost. The cloud or hosted Microsoft services is fast becoming the foundation for most businesses.

Organizations that use the cloud services provided by Microsoft can benefit from faster, more agile services and deliver more innovation at a lower cost.

Why move from your current email provider? For a very low cost, you can benefit from the following:

  1. Enterprise class features. Depending on your package, you can get 1TB cloud storage, Online meetings with web conferencing, team collaboration sites, private social networking and many more features. Apart from this, your staff/users are comfortable using Microsoft products, this is a major benefit over other providers including google.
  2. Business Continuity. 99.9% uptime! Microsoft managed the entire infrastructure, ensuring its optimized and secure.
  3. Secure and Spam Free. Exchange online accounts come with security measures that prevent hackers from gaining control of your account, which protect you and your clients from threats. Microsoft also ensure the latest antispam and antivirus filters are applied to incoming email.
  4. Professional Look and Feel. Having your own business email does many things for your company, including validating your office, professional image. Clients prefer corresponding with companies who have an or address.
  5. Free Upgrades. With Microsoft subscription based model, you always run the latest product with the most up to date features and enhancements.
  6. Cost effective scalability. Microsoft’s hosted services supports small to extremely large business, a 5-user business to a 300 000 user business, will benefit from the same infrastructure and support. New users are provisioned on the fly and your monthly subscription can grow with the business, saving you time and money.
  7. The email hosting plan can be bundled with users who require only email, or users who require email, Microsoft word/excel/PowerPoint as well as skype and SharePoint. You may choose to provide 10 users with Business Premium, and 3 users with just email

Simplified licensing and a subscription (month to month or annual payment) is a big advantage and allows customers to use the latest products at a very low month to month cost.

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