How to be seen when your customers search – Google AdWords

July 9, 2017

If you’re thinking about starting a new business or have already been operating for some time then how you advertise your unique selling point is a complex decision. It’s inevitable that you will have thought about digital marketing, this alone can be complicated. Answering a couple of simple questions will help decide what fits your need best. If, like most small businesses, one of your requirements is to rank first on Google then Google AdWords will deliver immediate results, no matter the reason for wanting to do this.

Google AdWords is an excellent platform if you are looking for measurable ROI (Return on Investment). It can work for any size of business be it small or big. Having said that for small businesses the biggest challenge is budget. So how can we utilize this small budget in an efficient and effective manner – getting results – ROI being signups, contact form fill ups, receiving calls etc.

I have tried listing 5 useful tips if you want your AdWords campaign to be successful in 2017

#1 – Separate Search & Display Campaigns

Although AdWords offers the option of combined Search & Display networks, it is best to keep them separate. Search network refers to ads that display based on keywords entered directly into a search engine. Conversely Display network takes keywords from your ad groups and pairs them with websites that are also using these keywords. By separating these two you can spend less money and more ROI.

#2 – Segregate the keywords and Say “No” to broad match

Once you have themed keywords, try and segregate your top performing keywords in a separate campaign so that you can focus major part of your budget to these high performing keywords and assign a minor part of the budget for less performing keywords. Amidst this since the budget is less for small businesses avoid using broad matches as against exact and phrase match because broad matches attract a lot of irrelevant clicks and that would be the last thing that you want with the limited budget. Broad match keywords trigger your ad to show if anyone types in misspellings, synonyms, stemming’s, related searches, similar phrases, singular or plural forms etc. as against phrase and exact matches which are more specific and your ads will be shown only when the users keyword matches to the bidding keywords.

#3 – Schedule your Ads

With Limited budget the last thing you would like to do is show your ads in the middle of night(locally). This simple and valuable setting lets you specify certain hours or days of the week you would like your AdWords ads to show. You can then increase your bids for high converting time frames and lower or disable your ads during low response period. Scheduling your ads helps you displaying your ads when they are most likely to be clicked.

#4 – Use Negative keywords

With the use of negative keywords, you can stop showing your ads for irrelevant searches. You save money on wasted clicks and thereby create more opportunities to display google ads for relevant searches. You can build a negative list in shared library which can shared mutually across all your campaigns. Given the limited budget this is a very important tip if you wish to save money on irrelevant clicks.

#5 – Do remarketing

Display Remarketing is a fairly less expensive way to target the potential audience who has visited your website but haven’t converted. With Display remarketing you can appeal the same audience who has come on your website through search network with graphical images that may appeal more to them. You can additionally include your logo in it which can also serve as a branding purpose. The cost of these clicks is subsequently less than the search ads, so this is a good way to spend a tiny share of your budget and get a high conversion rate as these people have already been on your website and more likely to convert.


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