ComputeZero deploy innovative enterprise IT solutions in a cost effective way that allow small, medium and large businesses to leverage technology in an effective way. The days of local on premise email servers, missing back up files, unattractive websites, heavy and slow laptops or underspecified servers will be over if you work with ComputeZero. ComputeZero is a leading IT consulting company based in Dubai that solves business issues with technology to empower, streamline and protect organisations of any size.

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You’re waiting for that all important email, only to discover that annoying technical glitch has prevented it from reaching your mail box and the VPN connection to your office is down meaning you can’t access that important document. ComputeZero provide IT solutions, specialist IT Consulting services and IT support based out of Dubai to the most challenging email issues you may face.

Do you have any control over your email service? What guarantees do you have on up time? Do you even have a company specific email address? Maybe the company that designed your web site also manages your email service. Do they have an enterprise grade security solution wrapped around your email data, are you using the latest version of exchange and outlook, have they installed proven disaster recovery layers in their data centre and is the cost of this solution worth all the hassle it brings?

ComputeZero are a specialists IT consulting and IT solutions company based in Dubai and will ensure, unlike other companies, we consult with our customers to provide the right solution when deploying Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps for work. Google Apps and Office 365 come with built in security, easy to use admin controls and 99.98% guaranteed uptime.