ComputeZero deploy innovative enterprise solutions in a cost effective way that allow small, medium and large businesses to leverage technology in an effective way. The days of local on premise email servers, missing back up files, unattractive websites, heavy and slow laptops or underspecified servers will be over if you work with ComputeZero. ComputeZero solve business issues with technology to empower, streamline and protect organisations of any size.

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You’ve just configured another user dedicated wireless access point because employees have complained everything is running slowly, maybe you’re moving office and you want to change all of the hardwired LAN points or you’re in need of a telephone switchboard to handle multiple departments, extensions and voicemail requirements then ComputeZero can help all of your networking needs.


Your Wireless network provides so much flexibility and suits your sales team who only visit the office once a week. However, over the last 12 months it’s progressively slowed down and drops connectivity preventing your staff from accessing their email and cloud applications. You may want to revert to cables to connect office based users to the network but don’t have any spare capacity on your old router or cables running to the right locations.

Your sales team needs to be able to access applications based on servers or machines in your office or from their laptop or mobile devices when they’re outside the office. However, you’re concerned that it’s not safe and it could be a serious security risk.

These are common problems for small and medium sized businesses and ones that ComputeZero can solve quickly and inexpensively.

Telephone Systems

You’ve just left a service office, hired 10 new staff members and appointed a receptionist and need a phone system that’s not going to cost a fortune, your old IT Support company claimed to be experts in your troublesome phone system but have made things even worse, you’ve not changed the phone system for the last 5 years but desks have moved places and departments changed in that time, you don’t know how to change the greeting message to include the great offer you want everyone to hear before they speak to a staff member.

It’s important to acquire, configure and manage your phone system in a way that suits your business. Just because it worked for you in the past doesn’t mean it does today. ComputeZero have the skills required to understand your business needs and translate that into a phone system that works in the way you need it to.

It’s important the method used to connect users to applications, each other or the internet meets with your operational needs. However, you can’t tell the difference between a router or switch, wireless access points should just work and running cables though walls is something your maintenance team usually handle then ComputeZero can help with a professional, comprehensive networking support offering.

Physical Networking

You could be planning to move office, expand your work space or about to move into a new branch but you don’t know how to install physical network access points that matches your beautiful office floor plan. ComputeZero can ensure there’s a fixed connection everywhere you need and a clear path back to your server or the outside world.

Maybe you’re looking for a place to store the myriad of servers that has exponentially grown and you’re in need of a datacenter or you need some help to minimize the complex racking, stacking and cabling elements of the plan, then ComputeZero can help.

Wireless Networking

It’s the twentieth time in the last ten days that a user has complained about the speed of their wireless internet connection. The telco has increased your bandwidth as much as they can but it’s not solving the problem and you’re going crazy. Perhaps you’ve just moved into an office with an amazing balcony that would be perfect as a winter al fresco meeting place, but you need users to be able to get access to your cloud based SharePoint.

ComputeZero can dramatically improve the speed of your wireless network, configure complex wireless solutions quickly and extend the range of your current wireless network. ComputeZero will be easy to speak to, will dial in or turn up when they say they will and find a solution to your problem with the minimum fuss.